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167 dead bodies found from Mass Graves in Tootak Khuzdar Balochistan


4On January 25th in Totak, Khuzdar, a local farmer noticed human bones protruding from the ground.  The shepard contacted local officials and they immediately began excavations.  In the first grave, 17 bodies were discovered.  Soon thereafter at least 2 more mass graves were excavated.  Totak residents and local officials recovered the remains of at least 100 victims (some reports of up to 169) before the Pakistan Armed Forces arrived and cordoned off the entire region.  Civilians and Journalists were threatened with the use of deadly force if they attempted to gain access to the area.

The mass graves were found near a former operating base of State Sponsored Death Squad Tehreek Nifaz Amn, led by Radical Extremist Shafiq Mengal.  Former Target Killer, Irfan Gurgnadi reports Shafiq Mengal alongside his brother Atta-ul-Rehman Mengal received State funding and supplies to carry out targeted killings, abductions and acts of torture in the region.  Shafiq Mengal has also been implicated in terrorist activities of; Ansar-al-Islam, Tahafuz-e-Hadoodullah, Mussallah Defa Tanzeem, Nefaaz-e-Aman, Haq Na Tawar and several other known terrorist gangs.

Despite being the largest mass grave unearthed since Vukovar, neither Pakistani media nor international news has reported the incident.  Pakistan State news outlets reports only 13 to 15 bodies were recovered.  No official investigation or inquiry within Pakistan or internationally has been announced.  Rather than find evidence and arrest criminals, the Pakistani State has decided to blame the usual international scapegoats.  The same scapegoats Pakistan accuses of financing and arming the people we now find in mass graves.

The sacrifices made by the victims in those graves and their families reinforces our commitment to creating awareness of this and other inhuman acts perpetrated by the Pakistani State and its Agents.  We must not allow our grief over our fallen brothers to weaken our resolve.  We have an obligation to honor them by exposing the atrocities committed by the oppressive Pakistani regime.


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