Pakistani Armed Forces Rampage through Baloch Villages

tinyburnedhouseburnt Balochi home

Since mid-January, Pakistani Armed Forces have been conducting a vicious military offensive against the Baloch residents of the Dera Bugti and Mashkai regions of Balochistan.  Civilian residents in the besieged regions report Pakistani Battalions continuously attack their villages with deadly force.  Gunship Helicopters, Mortars and RPG’s are used to decimate the homes of Baloch families.  Allegations of chemical weapon use have also been reported from the besieged regions.  Each region the Pakistani armed forces invade & occupy soon becomes littered with the bullet riddled bodies of the local Baloch residents.

During the first week of February the Pakistani army extended their genocidal loot & burn campaigns to include Awaran, Pirkoh, Jaffarabad and Kohistan-Khulo.  Villagers old and young are abducted detained, interrogated, and tortured by Pakistani agents.  Whatever homes aren’t destroyed by helicopter fire & mortars are looted of any valuables then set ablaze by Pakistani soldiers.  Hundreds of Baloch civilians have been wounded and killed in the attacks, and many more are still unaccounted for.

While Pakistani Armed Forces bombard civilian targets and massacre the Baloch population, the international community refuses to intervene.  Despite having full awareness of Pakistan’s activities in Balochistan, the United Nations refuses to fulfill its mandate.  By failing to enforce international laws the International Community undermines the rationale supporting the existence of a United Nations.


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