#VBMPLongMarch Detained by Punjab Police at Gujrat


After walking 2000km the #VBMPLongMarch protest was halted by Punjab Police just outside of Gujrat city, Punjab.  Although the Long March protestors had not committing any crimes or violated any laws, Local Police refused the Long March protestors passage through the city.  With only 160km left until they reach Islamabad, the Long March protestors remained vigilant, their resolve unshaken.  Mama Qadeer, Banuk Farzana Majeed Baloch, and the Long March protestors remained at the Police blockade and continued their demonstration.  While the Long March protestors were detained Police officers attempted to dissuade them from completing their Long March.  After an hour of demonstrations, local Police removed the blockade and allowed the Long March protestors to continue through Gujrat.

march 1

During their 68 day march from Karachi to Islamabad, the #VBMPLongMarch demonstrators have faced no shortage of calamity.  Although welcomed by crowds of supportive citizens in most cities, the Long March is still plagued by endless threats of violence against them and their relatives.  10 days ago, Mohmmad Irfan and several other Long March protestors were injured when attacked by an unidentified truck.

marcher 3

Yesterday, after a successful rally was held in Rahwali, Wazirabad, Mama Qadeer received another threatening phone call.   The caller promised them the #VBMPLongMarch would never reach Pindi or Islamabad.  The caller also threatened the homeowners who so generously accommodated the Long March protestors during their stay in Wazirabad.  Despite the ongoing threats and attacks, the #VBMPLongMarch demonstrators continue their #WalkForJustice for the safe release of the over 18,000 illegally abducted Baloch citizens.  Thanks to their tireless efforts, international awareness of the abductions, extra-judicial killings, and ongoing State atrocities is growing.


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