Cruel Act on Balochistan Region by Pakistani Force

Jaho3 Jaho4 Jaho1

Five civilians were killed this week in a massive army operation in Awaran.  Nawaz s/o Nodal, Tajo Haji, Master Mullah Noor Mohmed s/o Mussa, Gulam Jan s/o Noora and Talib s/o Malang were killed when Pakistani Forces bombarded villages in the Jaho region of Awaran.  8 people including two women and a baby girl have been critically injured in the attack.  Aerial bombardments and ground assaults devastated the villages of Goro, Mullay Gazzi and several others.

Pakistani security forces abducted at least 31 villagers including Mr. Ibrahim Baloch, Mr. Hasil Hasrat Baloch, Mr. Musa Baloch, Mr. Nazeer Baloch, Mr. Shams Baloch, Mr. Siddique Baloch, Mr. Alam Baloch, Mr. Dolat Baloch, Mr. Diljan Baloch, Mr. Feeroz Baloch, Mr. Salih Muhammad Baloch, Mr. Qadir Dad Baloch, Mr. Hazoor Bakhsh Baloch, Mr. Deen Muhammad Baloch, Mr.LalBakhsh Baloch, Mr. Raza Baloch, Mr. Kareem Dad Baloch, Mr. Phulan Baloch, Mr. aqeel Baloch, Mr. Siraj Baloch, Mr. Mola Bakhsh Baloch Mr. Sanwal Baloch, Mr. Akhtar Baloch, Mr. Saleem Baloch, Mr. Wazeer Baloch , Mr. Sabir Baloch, Mr. Ataullah Baloch, Mr. Sawadi Baloch, Mr. Rafeeq Baloch, Mr Abdullah Baloch and 9 years old Master Ganj Bakhsh Baloch.

Pakistani military operation continued their assault in Jaho area of Awaran, where Pakistan’s armed forces invaded the home of BNM Leader Martyr Ali Jan. State Forces interrogated and tortured the Women & Children.  Pakistani Armed Forces also destroyed Martyr Ali Jan grave.  The rampaging Pakistani Army also burnt Martyr Shahadad Baloch house. State Forces has looted people valuable things and tortured civilians while indiscriminately bombing the civilian population of Jaho, Awaran.  The village Ebrahim Metag was also completey burned to ashes.  Local homes and shops in Goro & Jaho were systematically looted and burned during the attacks.

Here not enough cruel on Baloch people same day unknown gunmen killed one person from Bypass Quetta and Two person were seriously injured by unknown gunmen firing from Khuzdar Balochistan.
It’s not a just one military operation, since 66 years ago Pakistan has conducted countless deadly military operations in Balochistan. Many cities and region are victimized by Pakistani Military and security forces.  Shockingly, not one major international news or Human Rights Organization are taking action against the Occupier State of Pakistan.  While the world sits in silence, Pakistan’s blatant genocide of the Baloch Nation continues.



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