Support Human Rights and Save Humanity – Aziz Baloch

Support Human Rights and Save Humanity

Historically Pakistan occupied Eastern Balochistan on 27th March 1948 and Persian rulers invaded  Western Balochistsn 1929. It marked the end of Balochistan’s independence and the beginning of a colonial ear that continues under the Pakistani and Iranian subjugation of Baloch people till today.

Since Pakistani Army conducted five major military operations in Balochistan. As result of these military operations thousands of Baloch have been imprisoned, displaced, and killed. Iranian regimes executed hundreds of Baloch youth without  fair trial through its Kangaroo Islamic Revolutionary Court.

The extent of human rights violations, brutalities committed by the Pakistani security forces and Iranian regimes are as gruesome as those of the Nazi era and as horrific as during the dirty wars of many other aggressors.

What is so shocking is that the Baloch genocide has not adequately drawn the world’s attention to-date.

In the last 12 years the Pakistani security forces have abducted more than 19000 Baloch political activists. According to the international law enforced disappearance is crime against humanity. Pakistani security forces abduct Baloch activists and then keep them incommunicado in their military camps. All abductees are subject to extreme torture. Many of the victims are kept for years are tortured and killed in custody.

Since April 2009 more than 1500 bodies of abducted activists, including students, journalists, human rights, social and political activists, engineers, poets, and educationists have been dumped in desolate places in Balochistan by Pakistani security forces and Army death squad .  During the last five month Iranian regimes executed 50 Baloch. Recently, on Feb 5th 2014 Iranian regimes ordered Mass execution of 15 Baloch in Chahbahar, Sistan-Balochistan.

Pakistani security forces and Iranian regimes are committing all these crimes with complete impunity.

On Jan 25th 2014 three Mass Graves discovered with 169 dead bodies in Khuzdar area in Balochistan. From three dead bodies investigators found their ID’s from their pockets recognized as Baloch activists whom were abducted last May 2013 an earth quick 7.7 affected area Awaran, Balochistan by Pakistani Army.

The world and international media has, by and large, turned a blind eye on Pakistan’s and Iran’s violation of human rights in Balochistan.

Baloch abducted families from October 27, 2013 to March 1, 2014 walked 2500 KL from Quetta to Islamabad demanding justice for their loved ones. They submitted a memorandum to a United Nations of 19000 abducted Baloch. They met with the European Unions delegations. Baloch abducted families will record their plights of enforced disappeared loved ones with the Canadian ambassador in Islamabad.

We appeal to all human rights defenders, international media, international human rights organisations including the United Nations, UNHRC, European Union, the International Court of Justice and all democratic countries including Canada  to support the rights of Baloch prisoners of war and conscience.

They should put pressure on Pakistan and Iran to stop its atrocities in Balochistan without delay

– Aziz Baloch


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