Respected Baloch Activists Brief UN Delegation on Humans Rights Abuses in Balochistan

Respected Baloch Activists Brief UN Delegation on Humans Rights Abuses in Balochistan



On March 10th 2014 Prominent Baloch Human Rights Activists Mehran Marri, Willem Marx, Tarek Fatah, Noordin Mengal, Brahumdagh Bugti, Amnesty International Regional Coordinator and Advocacy Director T. Kumar, participated in a briefing on Balochistan at the 25th session of the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland.  During the briefing representatives spoke to the United Nations assembly about the ongoing human rights violations and State endorsed genocide at the hands of the Pakistani Armed Forces in Balochistan.  During the conference Pakistani propagandist Ahmad Quraishi attempted to disrupt the proceedings but quickly received a thorough verbal lashing at the hands of esteemed journalist Tarek Fatah.  Despite the attempted disruption, the distinguished Baloch activists went on to request the United Nations investigate the severe human rights violations in Balochistan.

Afterwards, BRP Switzerland Chapter staged a protest in Geneva against the relentless military operations in Dera Bugti, Mashkai, Turbat, Kohistan Marri and Panjgur.  Protestors also appeal to the United Nations to investigate the recent discovery of mass graves in Balochistan.  Participating in the demonstration was Baloch Leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, Mehran Marri, Noordin Mengal, Tarek Fatah, and many other activists and local students.  Baloch leaders Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, Mehran Marri & Noordin Mengal call upon the international community support the democratic struggle of Baloch people for restoration of a sovereign & independent Balochistan.

The esteemed Mr. Mehran Marri also spoke at The Hague on March 4th alongside several representatives of religious and ethnic minorities of Pakistan.  During the hearing Mehran Marri explained to the committee how Baloch culture & identity has been systematically oppressed by the Pakistani regime.  Mr. Marri went on to expose the complete lack of international & civilian oversight of Pakistan’s Military activities in Occupied Balochistan.

On March 9th Hyrbyair Marri held an event in London England to announce an official release of the Balochistan Liberation Charter.  The BLC represents a sound model of a bright and modern future for Balochistan.  Despite its positive concepts and contemporary civil framework many Baloch nationalist parties have rejected the charter, even suspending party members who voiced their support for charter.  Although lacking in realistic transitional provisions, the document is still an important step towards a free and independent Balochistan.

Thanks to the tenacity and persistence of the steadfast Baloch activists, the International community cannot continue to ignore the ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan.  Their hard work and tireless efforts continue to generate international awareness of the situation in Balochistan.  Regardless of internal disputes & premature politicking, I will remain resolute and impartial in my efforts to expose crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

– Shawn Forbes


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