Relentless Bombardment of Rural Mashkai Towns


On March 13th 2014 Pakistani Forces initiated a ruthless assault in the Mashkai region of Balochistan. Regional sources have reported Gunship Helicopters indiscriminately Bombarding the helpless residents. The village of Koh-E-Ispat was reportedly set ablaze by State Forces. The Koh Jani, Zung, Dar Band and Alangi villages were also heavily besieged by the Pakistan Army. On March 15th at least 40 Pakistani Army trucks arrived in the area. Army Personnel continue to conduct relentless Loot and Burn operations in the regions. Residents including the Women & Children were detained & subjected to Acts of Torture during the assault. The homes of Hakeem, Anwar, Wahid, Abdul & Haqq are among the countless houses devastated by State Attacks in Mashkai.

Yesterday in Khuzdar, PML-N Leader Sanaullah Zehri’s Death Squads assassinated Martyr Zakria Zehri and several of his relatives including his 15 year old son Raoof Jan Zehri and 80 year old Mohmmad Yaqoob Mohmmad. Several people throughout Balochistan were killed by unidentified gunmen on Saturday, the victims have been identified as; Naveed Baloch of Panjgur; Mohmmad Latif of Hub; and two others in Mastung. In Quetta the remains of Abdul Haadi Ilyass were recovered on Saturday, while in Turbat, Rafique was abducted by State Agents.

After completing their Long March Protest for the recovery of Baloch missing persons, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Long March participants have returned to Karachi. Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Vice-Chairman Mama Qadeer has announced his decision to resume their hunger strike protest camp at the Karachi Press Club. Prior to the #VBMPLongMarch Mama Qadeer conducted a hunger strike demonstration at the Quetta press club for 1534 days in protest of the ongoing campaign of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in Balochistan.

BHO Protest in KarachiThe Baloch Human Rights Organization is holding a rally today from Art Council to Karachi Press club in protest of the recent attacks against the Baloch residents of Lyari and the Baloch students of Preston University in Islamabad.  The Protest began today at the Karachi Press Club at 5:30pm.


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