Enforced Poverty through Deprivation of Education In Balochistan

Once again Pakistani Forces have sabotaged the education of the Baloch Nation. On March 17th 2014 Pakistani Armed Forces attacked the Karawan English Language Center in Koshkalat, Turbat. Six of the School Teachers; Abdul Salam, Mehran, Jamil, Muheeb, Kalimullah, Siraj, and three students Moqeeb, Jamil & Waheed were abducted by State Forces during the invasion.

Only last week several Baloch students were attacked and severely beaten by a gang of 8 BBA students at an Islamabad University.  The Balochi students were attacked for speaking openly in Balochi language.  Also, earlier this year in mid-January, the Pakistani FC raided a College dormitory in Turbat.  Whereupon they confiscated allegedly “controversial” material including documentaries and history books by respected journalists and intellectuals. During the raid FC soldiers abducted one of the students and subjected a university professor as well as several other students to acts of torture.

Incidents such as these truly illustrate the occupational state’s agenda. Preventing the Baloch people from attaining meaningful education is crucial to the occupational state’s system of oppression. By denying the Indigenous Population of Balochistan adequate education, the Baloch Youth are subsequently prevented from achieving their personal potential and attaining meaningful employment. The Pakistani States policy of enforced poverty through restriction of proper education is an essential component to maintaining their occupation of Balochistan.

– Shawn Forbes


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