Pakistan’s Army Imposes Travel Restrictions and Strict Curfew in Dera Bugti

In Dera Bugti, Balochistan, Pakistan’s Armed Forces have occupied the Sarao, Pir Koh, Sangseela, loop, Dasht, Goran, Lod, & Dlbar regions.  As of yesterday the Pakistani Army sealed off the entire area and restricted all travel to or from the affected villages.  A strict curfew has been imposed upon the isolated towns.  Residents are sealed in by occupying forces and unable to import food or basic essentials of living.

Pakistani Armed Forces continue to prolong their Violent Military Occupation of the Mashkai regions.  On March 19th Forces invaded and looted the home of Shabeer Ahmed Baloch.  Residents of the dwelling were detained and subjected to acts of torture.

Javid Complex was surrounded by Pakistani Military Personnel on Wednesday.  Occupying troops stopped and searched vehicles in the area.  Also on Wednesday the remains of Tahir were recovered in Turbat, and in Kharan, Murad Ali was murdered by unidentified Target Killers.  Earlier today Sanaullah s/o Peer Jan was abducted by State Agents in Nushki Market, Balochistan.

– Shawn Forbes


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