Death Squads Terrorize Balochistan as More Bodies Unearthed in Khuzdar



Mass Graves in Totak Khuzdar Balochistanmass-graves

Khuzdar officials reported yesterday the unearthing of three more bodies from the vicinity of the Totak Mass Graves discovered in January this year.  Earlier today regional sources have reported as many as 15 bodies may have been recovered from the newly discovered mass grave.  Occupational State Media continues to significantly downplay the magnitude of the Mass Graves.  Despite local reports of 169 bodies in the first three graves, and 15 more in the newly discovered grave, the State News maintains that 13 bodies were recovered in January & only 3 more yesterday.  The bodies recovered yesterday have been shifted to a nearby civilian hospital for potential identification.

Pakistan’s Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani had summoned the Balochistan Inspector General early in February and even announced the formation of a “judicial commission”, headed by High Court judge Justice Noor Mohammad Muzkanzai, to conduct a ‘transparent’ investigation of the discovery of the Totak mass graves. Since the investigation began, the entire region has been under strict military lock-down and investigators have not released any reports or announced any progress.  Although two months have passed, since the inquiry was launched, only two of the bodies have been identified.

The Occupational State Forces have attacked another Baloch School on Friday March 28th while conducting Military Operations in Panjgur, Balochistan. This time a small rural high school, the Martyr Muslim High School, was raided by Pakistani Forces. Witnesses report the school teacher was subjected to Acts of Ttorture and the school’s blackboard was removed. On the same day in Washbood, Panjgur, Pakistani Security Forces invaded the home of Master Jalil and Abducted his relative Qambar s/o Master Safdar.

On March 29th, In Quetta, unidentified Target Killers assassinated Mohmmad Hussain. Meanwhile in Wadh, Khuzdar, Sardar Akhter Mengal’s security guard was killed when they were fired on by unidentified gunmen. Iranian Forces again fired upon Baloch citizens travelling near the Iranian Border on Saturday. One female civilian was injured by Iranian gunfire.

Death Squads struck in Surab, Balochistan, on March 30th. Ubaid Mengal, along with his brother and 4 others were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on the group <<Update – BLA Forces have claimed responsibility in the assassination of Shafiq Mengal’s death squad members in Surab>>.

In Passani, Yousuf and several companions were killed by unknown gunmen on Sunday. Unidentified target killers also murdered another unnamed civilian in Khuzdar, and In Kech, unidentified gunmen abducted Naseem Jan. In Quetta, the mutilated remains of a 14 year old boy were recovered in a rain canal on Sunday. The body was taken by officials to a local hospital for identification.

During the weekend, Pakistans FC has established at least seven checkpoints along the highway between Gawadar and Karachi. Baloch motorists and travelers have reported being detained at every checkpoint and subjected to verbal abuse and racial slurs.

– Shawn Forbes


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