Day 9 of BSO-Azad Hunger Strike Till Death

Repected scholar, intellect, activist and BSO-Azad Central Chairman Zahid Baloch was well known for his dedicated activism promoting the Baloch national identity & right to self determination.  For over 10 years Zahid was a devoted and active member of the Baloch Students Organization. “Baloch Students Organisation (BSO) is a student organisation that is championing the … Continue reading


6 days of “Hunger Strike Till Death” for Release of BSO Leader Zahid Baloch

In 2003, A native of Naal, Khudzar, Zahid Baloch joined the Karachi Baloch Student Organization (BSO).  Eventually he became president of BSO-Karachi Zone.  In 2008 Zahid became a member of the BSO Central Committee.    After four years with the central committee, Zahid became the chairman of BSO in 2012. On March 18th 2014 multiple eyewitnesses … Continue reading


Speaking the truth becomes a Big Sin in Pakistan for Journalist – Anonymous Baloch

This is a list of journalists killed in during the Balochistan conflict. The conflict has been going on since 2001, 28-33 journalists had been killed and between 2009 and 2012 at over 23 journalists have been killed. The all killed journalist who were cover the Balochistan issues. Attacked on a pakistani Jouranlist, Mr.Hamid Meer. three … Continue reading


Occupational State Forces Intensify Attacks in Balochistan

Occupational State Forces and their Death Squads continued their Relentless Military Aggression throughout Balochistan this week.  In the Patfeedar, Mohan Pat, RD238 and other adjoining areas of the Sui, Dera Bugti, Pakistan Armed Forces carried out several Intense Military Operations. Earlier today Occupational State Forces Bombarded houses in Civilian Neighborhoods throughout Dera Bugti.  Dozens of houses were destroyed … Continue reading


Pakistan Army Conducts Ruthless Bombardment of Kalat Region

  Desperate to secure Chinese investment in the region, Pakistani forces have accelerated their offensive in Balochistan.  Pakistan FC began a massive troop deployment this morning in the Kalat area in hopes of orchestrating an “endgame scenario”.  Residents in occupied areas of Balochistan witnessed dozens of Cobra Gunship Helicopters, hundreds of military vehicles, and Fighter Jets converging on … Continue reading