Occupational State Forces Intensify Attacks in Balochistan

BNM UK Protest

In Protest of the Grave Human Rights violations occurring in Balochistan, the Baloch National Movement conducted demonstrations yesterday in front of the Amnesty International Office in London, UK.

Occupational State Forces and their Death Squads continued their Relentless Military Aggression throughout Balochistan this week.  In the Patfeedar, Mohan Pat, RD238 and other adjoining areas of the Sui, Dera Bugti, Pakistan Armed Forces carried out several Intense Military Operations. Earlier today Occupational State Forces Bombarded houses in Civilian Neighborhoods throughout Dera Bugti.  Dozens of houses were destroyed during the assault and many residents were abducted, among them was RD238 resident Haji Nawab Din Habibani bugti.  State Forces also conducted home invasions in the region, looting valuables & livestock and performing Acts of Torture upon the inhabitants (incl. Women & Children).  The same rural communities were recently assaulted by Heavy Mortar Shelling and Intense Gunfire only six days earlier; on April 10th. Since then Countless homes have been destroyed and the surviving residents are left injured and destitute.



On April 14th Panjgur residents were Terrorized by unidentified armed militants. The home of Faisal Naseer was fired upon; fortunately no casualties have been reported. Meanwhile, in the Sande-Sar district of Panjgur, Moheem s/o Haji Bahar was abducted by unidentified gunmen. On April 13th Pakistan Armed Forces invaded a number of homes in the Panjgur region Detaining and Abducting the residents. As well as subjecting Civilian Families to acts of Torture, including the Women and Children, State Forces also looted their homes of valuables and livestock.

Since the Pakistani Army launched a full scale invasion of the region on January 23rd, Panjgur has been under near total Military Occupation. Occupational State Forces commenced a series of regular military operations in the rural Panjgur towns, ransacking homes and abducting the residents. Gunship Helicopters, Mortars, RPGs, and many other forms of Heavy Artillery are often employed to indiscriminately bombard the villages.

Pakistani Gunship Helicopters bombarded the Sarona & Garu districts of Johan Kalat on April 8th resulting in the deaths of five local women. Two days after the attack, the Fearless Baloch Freedom Fighters stormed the Pakistani Forces Camp near Kharan inflicting heavy casualties. The next day Pakistani Forces retaliated against civilians in Kharan. Hikmat Jbari’s shop was raided, two people were abducted, and 3 motorcycles were also seized by State Forces from Gowash rd. In response to Pakistan’s continuous military presence in Kharan, residents conducted a peaceful demonstration and workers strike yesterday. Local demonstrators protested the Pakistan Army’s violent campaign in the region.

Violence continues unabated in Balochistan’s capital city of Quetta this week. On April 15th an unidentified body was found in Hazar Gnaji. On Monday Two people, one male and one female, were injured when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a local bus en route from Khjdar to Karachi. Fareed s/o Mahmood was killed and two others injured when Target Killers opened fire on Saryab road. Meanwhile in the Kuchlaak district, another unidentified body was recovered Monday. In the nearby Mastung region, unidentified gunmen abducted Attaullah Shawani & Abdul Sattar Shahwani. Three Quetta residents were also killed in the Saryab rd. area in two separate incidents during the weekend. On Saturday Najee-ul-Allah & Jumma were killed, and on Friday Gull Shah was killed by unidentified gunmen.

Today in the RD238 area of Sui, Dera Bugti, locals discovered the bullet riddled remains of Baloch Activist Khaleef s/o Balaach Bugti.  Khaleef was recently abducted by Pakistan’s ISI agents in Shubat pur.  Abdul Rasheed was assassinated in Sharag by unidentified Target Killers, Meanwhile in Gwadar, the tortured remains of Yousuf Baloch were recovered.  Yesterday in Sohren Koh Mand, Shareef s/o Ghulam was assassinated by unidentified target killers. Tuesday in Bolan Sibi, gunmen killed two unidentified people. On April 12th in Hoshab a group of unidentified gunmen abducted a local resident. Locals reported the gunmen pulled up to the victim & took him in a car. In Naal Khuzdar, Ghulam Nabi was injured when unidentified gunmen opened fire yesterday. On April 11th Sher Ali Kungrani Marri was killed in Sibi by unidentified gunmen.

April Military Operations in Balochistan have resulted in over 100 Civilian Deaths. The deployment of Gunship Helicopters and Indiscriminate Shelling of civilian towns & villages has resulted in the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians in Balochistan. Despite cries from Baloch Activist Groups, International Human Rights Activists & other humanitarian organizations for intervention in Balochistan, The Pakistan Army blatantly continues to engage in severe human rights abuses with absolute impunity. Every moment the international community spends debating & discussing, the suffering in Balochistan is compounded exponentially.




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