Speaking the truth becomes a Big Sin in Pakistan for Journalist – Anonymous Baloch

Hamid Mir - GEO News

Hamid Mir – GEO News

This is a list of journalists killed in during the Balochistan conflict. The conflict has been going on since 2001, 28-33 journalists had been killed and between 2009 and 2012 at over 23 journalists have been killed. The all killed journalist who were cover the Balochistan issues.

Attacked on a pakistani Jouranlist, Mr.Hamid Meer. three bullets riddled on hamid mir & get injured, Hamid Mir has told already if he would be attacked the Pakistani establishment will be responsible for it, because Hamid Mir used to arrange programmed on Baloch missing persons matter, a unknown gunmen open fired on his car from Airport road Karachi he’s seriously injured three bullets riddled on him now after a “successful operation” the Doctors said his life is out of danger.

Hamid Meer is not related to Baloch nation but he always speak up truth for Baloch nation and he have many programmed about Baloch Missing person issue with Mama Qadeer Baloch who is the Wise chairmen of Baloch Voice of Missing Person. Mama Qadeer Baloch and all Baloch greatest Leaders strongly condemn that attack on Hamid Meer by Pakistani security agencies

Hamid Meer is a senior analyst, columnist and senior anchor person of Pakistani famous News TV channel GEO News. He informed his family members all local news papers and international news agencies, if he face any trouble then Pakistani establishment and ISI cheif Zaheer-ul-islam will be responsible for this.

Razzaq Baloch, editor of the Urdu-language pro-Baluch nationalist newspaper Daily Tawar, and Senior Leader of Baloch National Movement, Razzaq Baloch, had been missing since March 2013. He was last seen leaving his friend’s house in the Liyari neighborhood of Karachi on March 24, 2013.  Razzaq’s body was found in the Surjani Town area of Karachi on August 21. His face was mutilated, and his body showed signs of strangulation and torture

Another Baloch journalist Razzaq Gul was a senior journalist covering war and politics for Express News in Turbat, Pakistan who was abducted 18 May 2012 and found murdered 19 May 2012. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Razzaq Gul was a member of the Baloch National Movement and secretary of the Press Club of Turbat.

Razzaq Gul was the 22nd journalist to have been murdered in the area of Balochistan, listed as one of the most dangerous places for reporters in Pakistan, over a four year period, and he was one of eight Pakistani journalists killed since Jan 2011. Three days of demonstrations after his death began 1 June 2012 to protest his murder and impunity, the killing of journalists without investigation or prosecution.

Ilyas Nazar Baloch was abducted by “Pakistani fascist forces” on December 22, 2010. Their mutilated bodies were found dumped in Pedark near Turbat. On December 5 2011 with Martyr Qambar Chakar Baloch who is the Leader of Baloch Student Organization Pakistani Secret Agency dumped both of their tortured dead bodies in Pedrak Turbat Balochistan.

Other large number of Journalists had been martyred by Pakistani security agencies under the custody and target killed they are all of belonged to Occupied Balochistan.

Wasi Ahmed Qureshi, Daily Azadi, died 16 April 2009, in Khuzdar from gunshot wounds from days earlier.  Faiz Muhammad Sasoli, Aaj Kal, was shot to death 27 June 2010 in Khuzdar while driving and after having survived two previous attempts on his life.  Another jounralist known as Abdul Hameed Hayatan, a.k.a., Lala Hamid Baloch.  Who always rised up voice for Baloch nation illegally murdered and abducted.  Mohammad Sarwar Abdost Rind, Daily Eagle (Urdu) – 18 February 2011, around Turbat, Rehmat Ullah Shaheen   Munir Ahmed Shakir Sabzbaat, a Baloch TV station – 14 August 2011, Khuzdar.  Javed Naseer Rind, Daily Tawar – sometime between 11 September 2011 & 5 November 2011 Dilshad Deyani.  Abdul Haq Baloch. Abdul Ahad Baloch

That is the reason for Pakistan is most dangerous country for the Journalist, it is surprise that international media silence about this illegally killing of Journalist, the speaking truth is becoming a big sin in Pakistan.  Hamid Mir target because he spread out truth for Balochistan issue.

Balochistan Union of Journalist held a Protest on April 20th 2014 at front of Quetta Press Club against killed attacked on Senior Journalist Hamid Mir.

– Anonymous Baloch


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