Baloch Freedom Fighters Achieve a Decisive Victory in Panjgur



On the evening of April 19th Baloch Freedom Fighters descended upon the occupational state forces stationed in Panjgur.  After more than 24 hours of fierce battle, Baloch Sarmachar drove the State Forces from the region and into a deadly ambush.  30 Pakistani Soldiers were killed and many more wounded as a result of the Baloch Freedom Fighters tactical superiority and fearless ferocity.  BRA Group Commander ‘Kohgard’ Salman Baloch and his BLF Comrade ‘Kohgard’ Shoaib Saleem Baloch embraced Martyrdom during the Battle of Panjgur.  To honor their heroism and bravery, a Baloch Republican Army spokesman declared that Salman Baloch & Shoaib Baloch would be granted the title of Kohgard Martyr; “for to give the title says Martyrs sacrificed their youth” Martyr Shaoib Saleem’s brother Abid Saleem was extra–judicially executed by Pakistani Agents in 2011 & their elder brother Mujahid Saleem was abducted in 2013 by State Agents.  To honor the memory of Martyr Shoaib Saleem Baloch and Martyr Salman Baloch, Panjgur residents shut down the city in strike.  Throughout Panjgur on Monday all shops were closed and roads empty.

On Saturday in Turbat, Baloch Freedom Fighters raided a state endorsed drug den.  After a short firefight three of the drug traffickers were killed.  Elsewhere, in Gwadar, Security Forces raided the homes of local Baloch residents.  Security Forces detained the inhabitants and subjected them to acts of torture.  Saleem s/o Chota was abducted during the assault.  The invaded homes were looted of valuables and livestock.

Several extra-judicially killed bodies were found dumped throughout Balochistan during the weekend.  April 19th In Turbat, the bullet riddled remains of Islam s/o Nako Kalag were discovered in the Chahsar Cross district.  The bullet riddled remains of Samad Baloch s/o Rustam Baloch were found dumped on Saturday in Quetta.  Two days prior to the discovery of his remains, Samad Baloch was abducted by State Agents.  Also on Saturday In Kalat Mohmmad Akther was killed by unidentified gunmen.

On April 20th Occupational State Forces arrested five people while conducted raids in RD296 district of Quetta.  Security Forces also conducted arbitrary raids in the Isplinji district of Mastung on Sunday; torturing residents and looting homes in the area.  On April 21st Abdul Majeed was abducted in Khuzdar by several armed people, while in Nasirabad a school teacher was also abducted on Monday.

In Sindh province, Pakistani Security Forces demonstrate the kill and dump policies they practice in Balochistan.  Four bullet riddled bodies were discovered on Monday in Dabeji area of Tatta city, Sindh.  The identities of the victims have yet to be released.

Famed journalist and human rights activist Hamid Mir was attacked on Saturday near the Karachi airport by State Agents.  GEO News reporter Hamid Mir underwent significant surgery after a near fatal shooting at the hands of State Agents.  Fortunately Hamid Mir’s operation was a success and he is now recovering.

In a recent interview Baloch Republican Party President and Nationalist Leader Brahamdagh Bugti called on International Human Rights Agencies to conduct investigations in Balochistan and expose the truth.  As the International Community Remains silent, Pakistan’s pick kill and dump policies continue unabated.  During the interview Brahamdagh Bugti stated that since 2005 nearly 120,000 Baloch have been extra judicially killed or abducted by Pakistan Security Forces.

Brahamdagh Bugti Exposes the Ongoing Human Rights Abuses in Balochistan from Shawn Forbes on Vimeo.

Human rights violations continue in Balochistan… by AzizullahBugti


BSOAzad Protest April 22

BSO-Azad representatives held a press conference today in Karachi to announce a “hunger strike till death” in protest of the enforced abduction of BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Kurd Baloch Khan.  Baloch Khan was blatantly abducted before several witnesses by State Intelligence Agents in Quetta on March 18th 2014.  Senior BSO-Azad Chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch appealed to the United Nations in a statement; “We have asked the United Nation to assure our security during the hunger-strike till death protest. The Hunger-strike will be till death for the recovery of BSO-Azad’s abducted chairman Zahid (Baloch Khan).”



BSO-AZAD chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch Social Media Activists (BSMA) released the following statement in support of BSO-Azad’s hunger strike protest.

“Baloch Social Media Activists, (BSMA) Would like to Draw the attention of all the human rights organizations including The United States and European United and Islamic World that The Chairmen of Baloch Students Organization (BSO) Azad, Zahid Kurd has Been abducted by Pakistani armed forces from Quetta. All memebers of BSO are on hunger-Strike till death to protest the unwarranted abduction of Zahid Kurd.  This Hunger strike will continue until Zahid Kurd is produced before a court of Justice. Meanwhile #BSMA would protest and run a campaign against illegal abduction of Zahid Kurd Using the Hashtag #ReleaseZahidKurd “


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