6 days of “Hunger Strike Till Death” for Release of BSO Leader Zahid Baloch

Zahid BalochIn 2003, A native of Naal, Khudzar, Zahid Baloch joined the Karachi Baloch Student Organization (BSO).  Eventually he became president of BSO-Karachi Zone.  In 2008 Zahid became a member of the BSO Central Committee.    After four years with the central committee, Zahid became the chairman of BSO in 2012.

On March 18th 2014 multiple eyewitnesses including Senior Chairperson of Baloch Student Organisation (Azad), Banuk Karima Baloch saw Baloch Student Organization Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch blatantly abducted by Pakistani Agents during a raid on a BSO-Azad meeting in Quetta.  Zahid Baloch is the latest in a long line of BSO-Azad leaders, workers and activists abducted by State Forces.  In June of 2009 BSO-Azad Senior Vice Chairman Zakir Majeed Baloch was abducted from Quetta, Balochistan.  Since Pakistan unjustly imposed a ban on the Baloch Nationalist group in 2013, State Agents, Army, and proxy death squads have continually abducted and assassinated their members.



On April 22nd 2014 BSO-Azad representatives held a press conference to announce BSO-Azad Central Committee member Lateef Johar’s intent to “Hunger Strike Till Death” at the Karachi Press Club to protest the enforced abduction of Chairman Zahid Baloch.  Since that day, BSO-Azad Central Committee member Lateef Johar has been encamped alongside other BSO-Azad activists and supporters.

During the press conference Senior Chairperson of the Baloch Student Organisation (Azad), Banuk Karima Baloch said “Although BSO-Azad has been strictly committed to its democratic struggle; powerful Pakistani state elements could never tolerate our mere existence. From past 5 years, there has been an unannounced deadly crackdown against BSO-Azad that has left hundreds of our peaceful activists being abducted and dozens extra judicially murdered. In addition, BSO-Azad has also been unlawfully banned to carry out any political activity. Despite all of these brutalities, BSO-Azad has not compromised its principal of peaceful democratic struggle.”  Banuk Karima Baloch urged the UN to ensure the protection of the BSO-Azad hunger strike protesters currently engaged in a peaceful demonstration.

BSO-Azad Protest Karachi

BSO-Azad also announced a nation-wide strike on April 25th 26th & 27th 2014.  The strike call was supported by all the Baloch Nationalist parties, and resounded throughout Balochistan.  Vacant streets and closed shops were the scene as towns, villages, cities, urban and rural alike observed the BSO strike call.  Noshki, Kharan, Bisema, Sohraab, Awaran, Mastung, Mangocher, Khuzdar, Naal, Mashkey, Awaran, Turbat, Geshkor, Panjgor, Passani, Tump, Gawader Jewani and many other Balochistan towns have completely shut down.  In addition to shutter down strikes, BSO-Azad Hoshab, Mashkai & Karachi zone members held rallies and protests against the illegal abduction of their chairman Zahid Baloch.  BRP & BRSO have also held protest rallies in Shapuk Kech against the abduction of BSO leader Zahid Baloch.
















BRP, BYW, BNM, BNV, BSF all Baloch pro-independent parties have voiced their condemnation of the illegal abduction of BSO-AZAD chairmen Zahid Baloch aka Baloch Khan and continue to urge to International Human rights Organization, United Nation and Amnesty International to play their role to facilitate the release Zahid Baloch

The Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada attended a briefing on gross human rights violations by the theocratic regime against people of Al-Ahwaz, Turkmenistan, South Azerbaijan and Balochistan.  During the conference BHRC-Canada informed Honourable Bob Dechert about the recent illegal abduction of Zahid Baloch, Chairman BSO (Azad) by the Pakistani security forces (ISI, Frontier Corps) and that his life is in extreme danger. BHRC representative urged Mr. Dechert that Canadian government must act urgently to save life of Zahid Baloch by asserting diplomatic pressure on Pakistani authorities.

On April 26th a local journalist interviewed BSO-Azad wise Chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch & BSO-Azad CC member Lateef Johar.  During the interview Lateef Johar stated “We are students. Our weapons are pens and books.”, “We do not believe in violence. We believe in fighting for our rights through democratic political means.”  Lateef went on to say “We have lost leader after leader, worker after worker.  First they picked up Zakir Majeed about whom we have no news. They picked up Kumbar Chakar, Comrade Qayuum, Shafiq Baloch, and Raza Jahangir most of them members of the central committee. Over a hundred of our workers have been killed,”  When asked what would happen if BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch is not released, Lateef Johar responded “it’s possible my hunger strike till death not help to release Chairmen Zahid Baloch, but after my death make a question on the  world students, education friends, human friends why Lateef Johar sacrificed his life.”


Latif Johar’s appeal to the World from GulZameen on Vimeo.


QuettaVBMP1Voice for Baloch Missing Person Chairman Nasarullah Baloch, wise Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch, General Secartry Banuk Farzana Baloch, Nationalist Leader Banuk Horaan Baloch and Sister of Wadood Raisani held a press conference yesterday at the Quetta Press Club to show their support for the BSO-Azad demonstrators in Karachi.  In a brief statement, Mama Qadeer said “International country and united nation must raise their voice against abduction of Zahid Baloch chairmen of BSO-AZAD.”


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