Day 14 of BSO-Azad Hunger Strike Till Death

Lateef Johar14 Days have now passed since BSO-Azad Central Committee Member Sangat Lateef Johar began a #HungerStrikeTillDeath at the Karachi Press Club to #SaveBSOAzadLeader Zahid Baloch.  Despite Lateef Johar’s severely declining health, Pakistani officials maintain absolute silence concerning the illegal abduction of BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch by Pakistani State Forces.  Doctors have been closely monitoring Lateef Johar’s deteriorating condition.  Since Lateef Johar began his hunger strike his weight has diminished by 12kg and is dangerously dehydrated.   Attending doctors have briefly stabilized Lateef’s vital signs through administering intravenous glucose transfusions.  Although doctors and visitors continue attempts to dissuade Lateef from continuing his hunger strike, Lateef remains determined to continue his hunger strike until death unless BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch is released.

 BSO Azad Protesters Gassed by Police


Earlier today Karachi Police surrounded the peaceful BSO-Azad #HungerStrikeTillDeath protest camp and fired several tear gas canisters at Lateef Johar and the protesters.  Rather than issue a statement or acknowledge the imprisonment of Zahid Baloch, the Pakistan State adopts an aggressive policy of oppression.  Over 5 weeks has passed since the illegal abduction and subsequent perpetual imprisonment of BSO-Azad chairman Zahid Baloch by the Pakistani Occupational State.  As Lateef Johar starves to death in protest, the Pakistan administration as well as the United Nations and the rest of the international community continue to maintain their cruel silence.  But just as Sangat Lateef Johar grows weaker with each passing day, as does Pakistan’s Iron Curtain.  As Pakistan grows more desperate in their campaign to exterminate nationalist movements, so grows the resolve of activists to expose Pakistan’s sinister agendas.

[Eng. Subs] Lateef Johar’s message to Baloch nation & people of world – May 04, 2014 from GulZameen on Vimeo.

Karachi 2

Balochi artists and dancers performed traditional Baloch songs and dances in support of the #SaveBSOAzadLeader protest at the Karachi Arts Council.  Large numbers of Baloch women and children also visited the protest camp on Friday to show solidarity and support for Lateef Johar’s hunger strike protest.


Throughout the weekend protest rallies and shutter down strikes were conducted throughout Balochistan.  BNM’s call for shutter down strikes on May 3rd, supported by BSO, BRP & BYW, was successfully observed in Passani, Gwadar, Ormara, Turbat, Awaran, Qalatuk, Nasirabad, Tump, Mand, Mashkai, Hoshab, Buleda, Panjgur, Khara, Nall, Khuzdar, Noshki, Humb, Mastung, Qalat, and many other regions.  BSO-Azad activists and Awaran residents also conducted demonstrations yesterday to protest the illegal abduction of BSO-Azad leader Zahid Baloch in Awaran.  In Shapuk, Turbat, BNM-Shapuk chapter also held a protest rally against the abduction of BSO-Azad leader Zahid Baloch and to urge international human rights organizations & the United Nations to play their role in the release of Zahid Baloch.


Today BSO-Azad supported by BRP, BNM & BRSO launched a massive protest march in Karachi against the enforced abduction of BSO-Azad leader Zahid Baloch.  Participants marched from 8 Chowk st. Lyari to the Karachi press club in support of the #HungerStrikeTillDeath to #SaveBSOAzadLeader .  Upon reaching the Karachi Press Club, BSO-Azad Central Committee members Banuk Karima Baloch and Sangat Lateef Johar addressed the demonstrators;


I am a student.  Studying, writing, learning and exploring are my hobbies, but all this has become impossible for me; thanks to Pakistan.  My friends disappear and end up dead, dumped on empty street sides with blood curdling scars on their bodies.  My schools and colleges are turned into cozy military barracks.  Uniformed men with guns surround the playgrounds where school kids would play not so long ago.  Libraries are closed and librarians ‘missing’.  I have decided that I shall keep suffering in this hunger strike until the civilized world steps forward and plays a role in recovering my organization’s chairman Zahid Baloch.” – Sangat Lateef Johar

QuettaProtest-Blocked 1


In Quetta the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons also held a protest rally from the Quetta Press Club to the Chief Minister’s house & Governor’s house on Saturday.  The VBMP Protest was cut short when demonstrators were detained by Police prior to their arrival at the CM or Governor’s house.


Activists around the world have been conducting demonstrations and hunger strikes to urge the international community and international human rights organizations to play a role in the recovery of the illegally abducted BSO-Azad leader Zahid Baloch and to show support for Lateef Johar’s Hunger Strike.

London3In London, UK, activists from BSO-Azad, BNM, BYSA & World Sindhi Congress have been holding symbolic hunger strikes since Friday May 2nd in front of the Prime Minister’s office at 10 Downing st.  In Paris France, Baloch Voice Foundation (NGO) and Baloch Diaspora France will begin token hunger strikes on May 15th at the French Senate building.  BSO-Azad and the Australian Baloch Community held demonstrations on Sunday in front of the Victoria Parliament House against the illegal abduction of BSO-Azad chairman Zahid Baloch & to show their solidarity with Sangat Lateef Johar’s Hunger Strike.

On Monday May 5th 2014 the Baloch Community of USA will be holding a demonstration in front of the State Department with “International Solidarity Camp to Saev Zahid Baloch, Chairman BSO (Azad)” from 11:00am until 3:00pm @ 2201 C Street, NW Washington, D.C., U.S

As protests and demonstrations gain momentum, Occupational State Forces continue their relentless military campaigns in Balochistan.  State Forces boldly attempted to intimidate BSO-Azad activist and CC member Banuk Karima Baloch yesterday afternoon.  Pakistan FC fired mortar rounds at the home of Banuk Karima Baloch in Tump, Balochistan.  Banuk Karima Baloch is currently in Karachi participating in the #HungerStrikeTillDeath protest for the safe return of illegally abducted BSO-Azad chairman Zahid Baloch.  Only last Thursday Activists were again targeted by State Forces when the bullet riddled remains of BNM activists Adil Baloch & Imdad Baloch were found dumped in Besima.

Earlier today in the Mashkai region Pakistan Armed Forces began a ruthless aerial bombardment of residential areas.  According to reports 70 y/o Mohammad Baksh & an unidentified 55 year old Woman were killed during the indiscriminate bombardment, at least 7 women & 6 children are severely injured, and a 14 year old boy has been abducted.

New Kahan

On Friday afternoon at 1:00pm Pakistani Paramilitary Forces conducted a massive 4 hour military operation in the New Kahan area of Quetta.  State forces initially arrested and detained 25 local residents.  Detainees were subjected to acts of torture, beaten with batons & hit with rifle butts.  Although most of the detainees were later released, State Forces abducted; Meer Khan s/o Barek Khan, Raza Khan s/o Meer Khan, Mustafa s/o Azeem Khan, Shah Bux w/o Dad Mohammad, and Hashim s/o Dur Jan.  The five abductees were taken to an undisclosed location where they remain imprisoned without charge or crime.

On Saturday State Forces alongside mercenary death squads raided and destroyed several homes in Surba, Balochistan.  The homes of Martyr Zakria Zaheri and Martyr Sararaz Zehri were among those invaded by State Forces.  The homes were looted of valuables and residents subjected to acts of torture.

On Sunday a teacher Mohmmad Aslam & Ghulam Farooq were killed by unidentified militants in Kalat.  Meanwhile in Mastung unidentified gunmen injured Habeebullah.  On May 4th Haji Salhe s/o Haji Din Mohmmad & Javid were abducted by State Agents in Panjgur Balochistan.

On the early morning of April 29th Pakistan Armed Forces seized the coastal city of Pasni, Balochistan.  State Forces occupied the city and proceeded to conduct homes invasion operations throughout the day.  Occupational State Soldiers raided countless homes, looting valuables and subjecting the residents to severe acts of torture, including the Women & Children.  At least 15 people were abducted from ward 6 during the attack.  The abductees have been identified as Abdul Rasool s/o Ghulam Rasool, Ghulam Rasool, Mastir Riaz Testi, Arshid, Zarif, Baba Mir Rahmat, Yaseen Mir Rahmat, Haji Hahmat, Faisal Haji Rahmat, Zobair Haji Rahmat, Janzahib Ameen, Junaid Ameen, Ali Ameen, Zafaar Malang, and Zafar.  All have been detained by State Forces and taken to an undisclosed location without charge or crime.


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