Day 18 of BSO-Azad Hunger Strike Till Death

Lateef Johar Day18For 18 Days Lateef Johar continues the #HungerStrikeTillDeath to #SaveBSOAzadLeader .  Lateef’s condition deteriorates further with each passing day.  The steadfast young activist has become very weak and suffers from extreme stomach pains.  Attending doctors say his glucose level is 61 (normal is 70-100) and is at very high risk of heart attack.  Despite his weakened state, Lateef Johar refuses to abandon his campaign for the safe recovery of extra judicially abducted and illegally imprisoned BSO-Azad leader Zahid Baloch.

BNM will be holding a protest rally in Karachi today (May 9th) at 2pm, from the Arts Council to the Karachi Press Club  to show their support for BSO-Azad CC member Lateef Johar’s Hunger Strike protest and protest the illegal abduction of  BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch.

BNM German chapter conducting a token hunger strike protest at the US Embassy in Germany.

BNM German chapter conducting a token hunger strike protest at the US Embassy in Germany.

IVBMP coordinator Aziz Baloch, Jahanzeb Hussain, and Baloch activists in Canada will be holding a public demonstration to protest the ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan and show support for the campaign to #SaveBSOAzadLeader .  The demonstration will be held at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver British Columbia on Tuesday May 13th from 5:30pm – 7:00pm (PDT).

Throughout the past several days, Pakistan’s Armed Forces carried out a series of ruthless operations at several locations in Balochistan.

On Monday May 5th State Forces besieged several rural villages in the Mashkay region.  PAF Fighter Jets and Gunship Helicopters indiscriminately bombarded Zang, Mehi, Gajli and several other neighboring villages.  During the Air Raids 7 Women and 6 Children were injured, and 70 year old Mohammad Baksh s/o Jako Baloch as well as the 55 year old wife of Imam Baksh was killed.  Once they had Reduced the Villages to Smoldering Ruins, Pakistani soldiers searched the region abducting at least 12 survivors, including a 14 year old boy.

Occupational State Forces swept through the New Kahan district of Quetta on Monday.  State Soldiers conducted door to door raids throughout the area; invading homes, looting valuables and abducting the residents.  At least 6 people were abducted by State Agents during the raids.

On Tuesday May 6th State Forces indiscriminately Fired Heavy Artillery at civilian homes in the Keelkor district of Panjgur.  During the attack several residents were injured, among them 2 Women died from their wounds.  2 more Women were killed on Wednesday when Pakistan Armed Forces besieged civilian targets in Kilakur, Hajibad.  Gunship Helicopters and Mortars devastated countless homes in the rural town.

In addition to a Vicious campaign of Savage Violence, the malevolent Occupational State Forces and the Sinister proxy Death Squads they sponsor continue their campaign of Enforced Abductions and Extrajudicial Executions.  On May 5th State Forces abducted Haji Saleh & Javed in Panjgur, while in Goth Jameel Bugti district of Dera Bugti unidentified militants abducted three brothers; Gull Hasan, Mir Hasan and Ganjo.  On Tuesday in Noshky the bullet riddled remains of Ameenullah were recovered.

Meanwhile in Iran, Baloch Activists Campaign reported 8 people from the same family were arrested in Sib-Soran Detention Center.  Relatives report the 7 youth along with the head of their tribe, Sardar Moheem Dahani, were called to the Sib-Soran detention center where they were arrested.  When relatives inquired about their arrest officials said they were suspected of being involved in “unspecified murders”.  Those arrested have been identified as; Yasir Dahani Ganki, Yusuf Dahani Ganki, Mohammed Dahani Ganki, Mehdi Dahani, Nassir Dahani, Arif Dahani, Abdul Malak Dahani and Sardar Moheem Dahani.



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