Sui Under Siege

Sui-Under-Siege-1Yesterday Pakistan’s Frontier Corps and Sindh Rangers began a massive joint operation in the Dera Bugti regions.  The Occupational State Forces heavily bombarded civilian villages in the Patfeedar, RD238 and Tangwani districts of Dera Bugti with mortars and gunship helicopters.  At least 10 civilians were injured, dozens abducted and more than 50 homes were destroyed during the ruthless assault.

Soon after Occupational State Forces invaded the region, Baloch Freedom Fighters came to the rescue of the besieged villagers.  A furious battle ensued in Tangwani.  Brave Sarmachar rained gunfire and missiles upon the invading State Forces, decimating their ranks.  At least 25 Pakistan State Soldiers were killed and many more wounded during the battle of Tangwani.  Baloch Sarmachar, Qurban Bugti, embraced martyrdom during the clashes.

Earlier today, the Pakistan Army continued their violent military rampage through Dera Bugti.  Occupational State Forces deployed heavy artillery and gunship helicopters against the civilian residents of RD238 and Deranjen.  More than 30 civilian residents have been killed during the assault.

The Fearless Baloch Freedom Fighters quickly arrived to confront the Sinister Occupational State Forces.  Baloch Sarmachar overwhelmed the enemy forces, heavily damaging the RD238 State Army base with rockets.  During the Battle of Deranjen, State Forces suffered heavy casualties.  Baloch Freedom Fighters shot down a gunship helicopter and killed at least 22 Pakistani Soldiers, including several high ranking officers.

Eight Sarmachar embraced martyrdom during the battle of Deranjen.  Among them was renowned BRA Senior Commander & member of BRA Central Command Shaheed Sattar Bugti.


Baloch Republican Army also recently distributed the following flyer in the Makran district promising swift action against the terrorist mercenary gang known as Tanzeem-ul-Islam-ul-Furqan.  The State Endorsed TIF criminals are responsible for recent closures of schools in the region and attacks against girls seeking education.

BRAagainstTIF 1


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